At the Sub-Branch Annual General Meeting held on 13th February, the members voted to continue with quarterly General Meetings for 2023. This means that the meeting schedule included in the last President’s letter should be altered to reflect that meetings will now be held on 3rd April, 10th July, 11th September and 11th December (with our Christmas celebration immediately afterwards). Note the changed April meeting which has been brought forward. The meetings will still be held in the Sub-Branch hall at 6pm.

A monthly newsletter is to be sent to Members to ensure that they are kept informed about the operation of their Sub-Branch. Arrangements are being made to implement this facility. The Members also wished to get together on a more frequent basis for social events so these will be arranged and advised by the newsletter, on this internet page and our Facebook page. We now have a volunteer to organise these events which will be open to Members, serving Defence personnel, Veterans, and their families. The President and Committee look forward to catching up with you all.