At the last General Meeting (GM) held on the 12th September a motion was passed to alter the GM timetable. Formal GMs will now be held quarterly with the next meeting being on the 12th December at the usual time of 6pm. For the months on the current schedule between formal meetings Members are invited to a social gathering at the Sub-Branch between 11am and 1pm where Members will be able to catch up with each other and get the latest developments from the Committee members present. For the remainder of this year these social gatherings are on the 10th October and 14th of November. In the evenings of these days the Sub-Branch office will be open from 6pm to 7pm so that those Members who can’t make daytime gatherings will have an opportunity to catch up on the latest news. This latest arrangement will be reviewed at the end of the year.

Coinciding with these changes the Secretary will be sending more emails to Members on a monthly basis to keep everyone up to date. They will include contributions from both myself as President and the Secretary reflecting Committee activities and news.

These changes acknowledge the dwindling attendance at our GMs as members appear reluctant to come to meetings at night, particularly during winter. The additional open office time slot addresses the need to include those working Members who can’t make meetings during business hours. I am more than happy to receive feedback on these recent changes. What are your thoughts?