Nowra Veterans Wellbeing Centre

Working With Veterans to Improve Their Wellbeing

RSL NSW and DVA are working together to establish the Nowra Veterans Wellbeing Centre (Nowra VWC), with the Nowra RSL Sub Branch providing key support to the Project Team. Keep an eye on this page to see our upcoming workshops, events and other resources we are providing.

Click on the link below to view information on the project:
Background Information – Nowra VWC Project

Note that the latest developments are being posted to this web page in the Updates section below.

Several local Veteran Needs and Priorities consultation workshops have been conducted by the Project in 2020. All the feedback has been aggregated and included in a Business Case to be submitted to DVA for assessment.

To contact the Project Team send an email to


UPDATE 7: The final draft Business Case has now been forwarded to RSL NSW for ratification by the Board and subsequent submission to DVA for approval. Updates will be posted to this web page as the Business Case passes through these final steps. The Sub Branch acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the Working Group members to get the Project to this stage. Having fulfilled the primary goal of developing the business case, this group has now disbanded as it is now up to RSL NSW to ratify and submit the business case to DVA. A new working group will be formed if required as the direction of the next phase of the project is finalised. Any queries concerning the project can be forwarded to

UPDATE 6: The RSL and Services Clubs Association has included an article on the Nowra VWC Project in their Focus on-line magazine. Click on the link to read the article:

UPDATE 5: As of today 24th April 2020, the Nowra VWC Project Expression Of Interest (EOI) documents are available to those departments, organisations, agencies and individuals who wish to contribute to this opportunity to enhance support for our local Veterans. The closing date for submissions is 22nd May 2020. The documents consist of a covering letter, Attachment A which is a template (in Microsoft Excel) for electronic submission, and Attachment B which is the same template (in PDF format) for written submission where electronic submissions are not possible. All instructions are included in the documents.

Note that the three documents are also being emailed directly to those who have already registered interest in the Project.

The three EOI documents can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Nowra VWC Project EOI Covering Letter 24 Apr 2020

Nowra VWC Project EOI Attachment A Electronic Template 24 April 20

All submissions will contribute to the Business Case being compiled to secure seed funding from DVA to establish the Nowra VWC. Your initial interest and continued support will be vital to the success of the centre.

UPDATE 4: An article appeared in the South Coast Register concerning the VWC Project and a potential establishment date. Click on the link below to view the article on the newspaper’s web site. Note that the story may not be available due to pay wall issues.

UPDATE 3: Workshops 5 and 6 conducted to validate and seek feedback on the Current State Analysis & Service Profile Report have been staged and the report for both workshops is presented below. Note that the Report includes a revised Executive Summary that reflects the information gathered during Workshops 5 and 6, conducted on the 11th and 12th of March.

Nowra VWC Project Workshops Report 11 and 12 March 2020

UPDATE 2: The Nowra VWC Current State Analysis & Service Profile Report Executive Summary and an updated Background Brief are presented below.

Nowra VWC Current State Analysis and Service Profile Report Exec Summary 2 Mar 20

Nowra VWC Background Brief 2 Mar 20

UPDATE 1: The following four PDFs reflect the outcomes of the first four workshops conducted on the dates shown above.

Nowra VWC Project – NeedsPriorities Workshop 4 Report 9 February 2020 FINAL

Nowra VWC Project – NeedsPriorities Workshop 3 Report 6 February 2020 FINAL

Nowra VWC Project – NeedsPriorities Workshop 2 Report 5 February 2020 FINAL

Nowra VWC Project – NeedsPriorities Workshop 1 Report 16 January 2020 FINAL